DG-EXC Ltd. The company was established in October 2014. We provide executive solutions through Engineering Excellence. We are flexible, pro-active and dynamic, always providing professional and friendly services in:

  • Project Management
  • Technical Publication Solutions
  • Illustration Services
  • Expansion Methodology
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities

As we are in the start phase at the moment please have patience while this site is under construction.


About us

Ready for business we all have to start somewhere, please come back soon as this will be updated daily.

There is a transitional period as the company finds its 'feet and place' in the world and is always open to new interests and ideas going forward, any enquiries please contact us info@dg-exc.co.uk.

Latest News


The company is registered and opened for business.


The web domain www.dg-exc.co.uk is secured.


The website is placed under-construction and an initial offering is previewed to the world!


Business starts and our first contract is underway!


The first version of the logo is released and the website is updated to match :-)

Contact Info

We welcome all enquries and feedback:

E.mail: info@dg-exc.co.uk